Seoul MARU 2019 Int’l Design Competition, Finalist I 2019

Seoul MARU 2019 International Design Competition

Observatory for the invisible history

Buildings are a visible history. However, this place, including the Seoul Plaza, was a site for historic buildings and a background for historical events, which are not visible now. This proposal suggests visualizing the invisible history that occurred in this place. By walking through the visualized memory of this place and surrounded by both visible and invisible history, people will watch the past and the present of the site retrospectively.
The triangle shapes enable people to see both the visible and the invisible history together. The translucent layers of the invisible history make people become a part of the scene and create an immersive experience.

Client: 서울시 / Seoul Metro. Gov.
Year: 2019
Location: 서울시 / Seoul Metro. Gov.
Program: Cultural / Pavilion
Status: Competition - Finalist
Design Team: 김남주, 지강일