Sejong Blvd. Historic Cultural Space (Current: Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture) Int’l Design Competition, 1st Prize I 2015

Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the nation’s liberation from Japanese rule, the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture was erected as a part of the Sejong-daero Historic Culture Space Design Competition in the very spot where the annex to the tax office during the Japanese Occupation, one of the last remnants of the period, once stood. The competition had been held as a social contribution project to help restore the historical significance of the location. As Korea’s very first urbanism and architecture specialized exhibition hall, it houses a total area of 2,998 m², spread between the first floor down to the third floor basement level. The first floor is comprised of a citizen’s space, or public area, while the lower three basement levels are home to extensive galleries and have an underground walkway connecting with Seoul Citizens Hall. In accordance with Seoul’s process of urban development and vision for the future, the hall is intended to be a platform for the urbanism and architecture industry so as to promote the value and public awareness of the industry as a cultural asset. Additionally, the hall is sought to bolster the city’s capacities on a global scale as a metropolis with a ten million-plus population through becoming that of an influential city, as well as through an exchange of policy and culture. Being grounded in the aim to also establish the hall as both a communal and cultural space, the hope is to encourage the understanding of Seoul’s origin and background, in addition to its historical and geographical value; while also establishing the hall as a public space that enables the sharing and appreciation of the city’s true significance and value as an architectural feat among both specialists and everyday people.

Client: 서울시 / Seoul Metro. Gov.
Year: 2019
Location: 서울시 / Seoul Metro. Gov.
Program: Museum / Park
Collaborators: with Terminal 7 Architects & AN Architects (Photo Credit: Lee Hyun Jun)
Design Team: 지강일
Publication: Space Magazine