Arch Out Loud, ‘Borders: DMZ Underground Bath House Int’l Design Competition’, 1st Prize I 2017

Crossing Parallel(s): Bathhouse as a Metaphorical Theater

“Crossing Parallel(s): Bathhouse as a Metaphorical Theater

38th Parallel, Checkpoint/Changing Room, and Entrance to Double Helix Ramp (Scene 1-3)
Visitors from each side approach the theater by walking along the 38th parallel: an approach towards the same point on the line, become closer, but turn to opposite directions, and enter the theater (scene 1). After passing by the checkpoint and the changing room (scene 2), they confront again, but with distance (scene 3).

Double Helix Ramp as Stage and Audience (Scene 4-7)
While walking down the double helix ramp, visitors experience series of emotional/physical merging and diverging, moments of crossing uncrossable lines (projected 38th parallel line on the ramp), while being more away from each other. Here, visitors become actors and audience at the same time; each observes each other’s feelings while passing through layers of tension and relaxation: a process of accumulating ambivalent communal emotions.

Communal Pool (Scene 8)
Upon reaching the communal pool, all emotions experienced before are liquefied into the water; the debris of emotions brought by actors/audiences compose pools of emotions. Now, a performance without a playwright is played by visitors’ spontaneous conversations, and by a wave in the emotional pool. “

Client: Arch Out Loud Architectural Research Initiative
Year: 2017
Location: dmz
Program: Bathhouse
Collaborators: Jinhyun Jun
Design Team: 지강일