“Ephemeral Concrete”, Asia Culture Center(ACC), Gwangju, Korea “부드러운 구상”, 광주 국립아시아문화전당 전시 I 2023

Adaptive Reuse: Transformation of a Joglo Vernacular House to a Cultural Venue, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 인도네시아 족자카르타 적응형 재사용(Adaptive Reuse) I 2023

Sisters of Blessed Korean Martyrs Convent in Timor-Leste New Construction 한국 순교복자 수녀회 동티모르 분원 신축 I 2023

Onui-dong Neighborhood Facility New Construction 온의동 근린생활시설 신축 I 2023

60th Anniversary of Korea-Switzerland Diplomatic Relations Exchange Exhibition Sansuinmul: Mountain·Water·Human·Building 한국-스위스 수교 60주년 교류전시 <<산수인물(山水人物)의 도시>> I 2023

Seoul Museum of Art, GanaArt Collection Gallery’s “80 Urban Reality” Exhibition Space Design I 2023

Pyeongtaek Square Int’l Design Competition, Honorable Mention I 2023

2023 SBAU(Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism) Seoul 100-year Masterplan Exhibition Open Call for Proposals, Winner I 2022

WIDE AR Interview I 2022

Climate Change Research Center Design Competition, 3rd Prize I 2022

Reusable Concrete Form Fabrication Method, Patent(특허등록) I 2022

Holcim Foundation NGX(Next Generation Accelerator) Group Workshop, Zurich, Swiss I 2022

University of Miami Lecture, Working with Local Constraints I 2022

ACADIA(Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture) 2020 Distributed Proximities: Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference I 2021

Chuncheon Public Bus Garage Complex Design Competition, 1st Prize (Design in Progress) I 2021

2021 SBAU(Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism) ‘Opening Forum’ Presentation I 2021

2021 SBAU(Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism) ‘Cities’ Exhibition ‘Natural Relic and Artificial Witness: A Tale of the Retreating Rhone Glacier And the Hotel Belvédère’ I 2021

EPFL Lecture, Revealing the Hidden Narratives: from Switzerland to Korea I 2021

Circle of Animals, Seoul Public Art Competition, Finalist I 2021

Poly-Mountain-City (Seoul Metropolitan Government Young Architects Competition), 3rd Prize I 2021

2021 SBAU(Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism) Data Book 4: Craft X Digital I 2021

Rhonemirror.com (On-Line Exhibition) I 2021

Architectural Service Industry Trend and Issue Report 2021 I 2021

A Study on the Building Use Standards in Response to Changes of Architectural Environment (건축환경 변화에 대응하는 건축물 용도 기준 개선 방안 연구) I 2020

The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia I 2020

Culinary and Cultural Complex Design Competition, 2nd Prize I 2019

Architectural and Urban Space, Vol.36(2019 Winter) I 2019

Seoul MARU 2019 Int’l Design Competition, Finalist I 2019

Seodaemun Prison Memorial for Imprisoned Independence Activists Design Competition, 1st Prize I 2019

Arch Out Loud, ‘Borders: DMZ Underground Bath House Int’l Design Competition’, 1st Prize I 2017

UIA 2017 Seoul Post-human Urbanity Int’l Design Competition, Honorable Mention I 2017

The Building, Publication I 2016

‘After Oil’ for the Kuwait Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale I 2016

Hongdae Eoulmadang-ro Cultural Platform Int’l Design Competition, 2nd Prize(without 1st Prize) I 2016

Suncheon Art Platform Int’l Design Competition, Entry I 2016

Sejong Blvd. Historic Cultural Space (Current: Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture) Int’l Design Competition, 1st Prize I 2015

Elements of Architecture, Publication I 2014

Seoul Urban Design Int’l Competition, 2nd Prize(without 1st Prize) I 2013